Automatic warning system RUPOR PRO

Voice warning over the phone, warning by SMS



Automatic voice and text warning by telephone, cell, radio and loudspeaker communication channels. It helps to inform promptly the employees, the customers or the staff of the structural units of Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Emergency Situations and Ministry of Defense, to bring the staff together urgently.


  • Urgent warning of the employees and the population about emergency
  • Bringing the staff together
  • Informing the customers about the liabilities and the terms of payment
  • Informing the customers about the services
  • Warning about the intrusion into one’s territory and trespass


  • Easy deployment and scalability
  • High-rate warning. 100 customers per 7 minutes through 8 channels, the duration of the message is 30 seconds
  • Guaranteed warning of the customers, the accomplished warning is confirmed in several ways
  • The quality of Russian speech synthesis conforms to the norms of syllabic legibility, speech naturalness and recognizability according to All Union State standard Р 50840-95
  • Compatibility for the warning devices П-160, П-164, П-166ВАУ (Russia) и DVS-21 ProCom GmbH (Germany)
  • The certificate of compatibility for business management software 1C
  • Automatic warning system RUPOR is recommended for installation in the structural units of Ministry of Emergency Situations
Data transmission channel: FXS/FXO, GSM, Ethernet, loudspeaker communication, radio stations
Voice messages: speech synthesis, audio file, microphone
GSM-transmission channel of voice and SMS: GSM-modem, GSM-gateway
Text messages: E-mail, SMS
Remote start-up: remote control panel, DTMF, Ethernet, SMS
Scheduled operation: scheduler, cycling
Cycling of voice warning: up to 9 times
Personal messages: voice messages, SMS, E-mail
Confirmation of the accomplished warning: DTMF-code (group, personal), recording of the reply, SMS containing the validation code
Report on warning: HTML-report, Excel-report
Database importing: *.csv, *.xls
Integration with databases and CRM: SQL, Oracle, 1C, etc.
Operator interface: Windows application
Operating system compatibility: Windows XP/Vista/7(32/64)

  • Voice warning by fixed-line and mobile telephone communication channels
  • Automatic voice warning through radio stations and loudspeakers (up to 3 warning areas)
  • Distribution of text messages via SMS and E-mail
  • Warning the customers via the mobile phones by “their own” GSM-operator
  • Operation with communication channels by means of a controllable switching unit in the standby mode (there is no need in detached leased lines for the warning channels)
  • Continuous monitoring of the status of the warning channels (free/busy/breakdown)
  • Filtering of the phone numbers passing through the channels according to a phone number template
  • Independent operating schedule for each warning channel
  • Tie-in of any warning task with the number of a channel or a group of telephone channels
  • The priority of warning depending on the type of the phone number (mobile, office)
  • Forced warning on all phone numbers
  • The priority of warning, and task scenarios depending on the priority of warning
  • Remote start-up of the task by a remote control panel or on other system’s command
  • Warning by DTMF-code, by SMS
  • Guaranteed transmission of the messages to each customer
  • Cycling transmission of voice messages
  • Detailed performance statistics
  • Recording of the customer’s voice reply or a received DTMF-signal
  • Possibility to listen to the customer’s reply taken directly from the report on the warning performance
  • Message templates database
  • Composition of personal messages using the technology of Russian speech synthesis VitalVoice™
  • 5 types of voice of Russian speech synthesis VitalVoice™
Platform: server-based or PC-based
Format of audio reproduction: 8 kHz, mono, PCM, 16 bit
Recording format: 8/16 kHz, mono, PCM, 16 bit

Requirements for server operation

Number of speech synthesis channels: 4/8
Processor: 2 cores, no less than 2 GHz
RAM, no less than: 2 Gb
Storage capacity, no less than: 100 Gb
Operating system: Windows XP SP3, Windows Server 2003, Windows 7 32 bits

Other requirements

  • CD-ROM drive
  • Available USB port for protection key installation
  • One or more available PCI slots (according to the number of I/O boards being used)
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse pointing device

Requirements for the client operation

Operating system: Windows XP SP3, Vista 32/64, Windows 7 32/64
Adjunct programmes: Microsoft Office Excel Trial (for importing the customer lists from Excel files)
Other requirements: keyboard, mouse pointing device
Optionally: microphone, headphone

  • STC-Н249-01/H248(Н248.1) – 8-channel (4-channel) electronic PCI-board for warning over the phone lines
  • БК-008 – a controllable switching unit for phone line coupling
  • “RUPOR” software
  • Built-in Russian speech synthesis “VitalVoice™”
  • A set of adapter cables
  • Microphone
  • GSM modem with antenna (optionally)
  • FXO GSM gateway (optionally)
  • Remote control unit (optionally)

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